Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Monday, Monday.

Just some pictures from Forest School today.  Mondays are busy with walking Kin to school and then heading off for Forest School and we stayed until about 12:45 this time.  Duke's toes got cold (silly mom didn't force the wool sock issue) and wanted to leave, but I found some toe warmers and he got distracted by the fish in the river.  All of those deep red streaks are big salmon.  The kids loved it.

They helped make a sort of color wheel with things in nature and then the circle of life happened upon the shore.  They were very interested in the dying salmon and we talked about how it makes food for other others and then it got a second wind and righted itself.   Duke then stayed for about an hour more.  Then, we came home and ate lunch with a little relaxing before picking up Kin from school.  Then, dinner and then the PTA meeting.  I am so domestic!

Kincaid wanted me to write:  A life cycle of Salmon is a special pattern that goes like this - egg, alvein, fry, smolt, adult salmon, and spawning salmon.  If you see a red splotch in the river, that means you see a Salmon.  If it is in a river where you can net Salmon and your home is close, go to your parents and ask if you could catch a Salmon.  Tell them, "Mom, Dad there is a Salmon in the river."

Duke wanted me to write: "Be good to the Salmon Streams."

Monday, September 29, 2014

Weekend Review

 We had a dinner picnic with our friends.  The kids played and played and played into the evening.  They were so exhausted!

 Kincaid and I went to find a geocache.  It was a gorgeous Fall Day with yellow leaves and sunshine.  We did happen upon a large scattering of bones.  I did forget my bear spray and just kept talking REALLY loudly.  Urg.

We took a little bike ride to the Tudor Bridge.  The boys made it the whole way there and back (with a large amount of whining...)

Then, Sunday we did some orienteering.  Instead of doing the easiest course, we opted to go one level up to the Yellow Level.  The boys were amazing - did the entire thing with NO complaining.  Lots of bribery was used, but they were so strong and didn't give up even when we had to follow my trail of swamp and muck. 

Friday, September 26, 2014


The big news was the earthquake.  Duke and I were walking the dog and didn't notice anything.  I would like to say the dogs alerted us to the shaking, but Pepper whines rather continuously so I had no clue. 

We had a nice walk then a three hour eye appointment.  Yes, it took that long in the office.  My brain was about mush, but the boys were amazingly patient.  I was about screaming and they were wonderful. 

We rushed home to dinner and a birthday party with bopper! 

Thursday, September 25, 2014


 It was another wonderfully sunny fall day.  Duke and I rode out bikes all the way to the Tudor Bridge!  He was an amazing trooper and wanted to go a further distance.  I had to remind him that we had to bike the rest of the way back!
 We stopped by the creek on the way home and saw a very OLD salmon swimming up stream!

We also had to say good bye to Kory until November.  We love her being here so much - if only she could stay forever.  Even the regal Goldador will miss her!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


 I watched my favorite movie again, Secret Life of Walter Middy.  There is a clemetine cake featured in it and I made one.  It is all right.  You microwave clementines and then blend them up whole.  Yes, whole, skin and all.

 We also had Skedaddle (Duke in the web) and then a few from the Tuesday Night Races.  They were reunited with friends they hadn't seen for a while.  So much fun!


Nothing big and exciting for today, I am sorry to report!  I did have the third session of Forest School and it went pretty well.  It is getting a little chilly in morning - I think it was about 33 this morning!  There is a little bit of termination dust on the mountains too!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Weekend Review

 We had a wonderful weekend complete with swinging, wrapping children in blankets to be mummies and playing with pups!

 Nam, Kory and I also did a hard orienteering course over 3 miles and didn't get lost once!  Woo Woo!  It was gorgeous out at Eklutna!

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