Saturday, May 21, 2016

Just checking in...

 Last day of school picture!
 We played with friends at Point Woronzoff - they searched for treasures and sea glass.
We did our first orienteering race of the season and won our category!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Catching Up!

 The boys helped in the annual clean up day for the school.  We gathered 206 of the small liquor bottles - seriously people that is insane!
They also created a new record - 6 baskets delivered without being spotted.  They did a lot of crawling on the grass and hiding behind trees.

 They have started to watch a children's prank show and are always doing pranks on me now like the one above.  At least they aren't too sophisticated yet!
Then, Nam and I did the Bike for Women.  I was so proud of Nam!  That course is just hills - no flat at all.  I did get going 31 mph on one hill, but nearly didn't make it up when I came back.

Thursday, April 21, 2016


 The boys are starting to work on their science fair projects.  Kincaid said he had to 'get chopping' on it - so off we went.  It is about which paper makes paper airplanes fly the furthest.  I almost can't even look at this data gathering page.  He is so Type A about somethings, but obviously not writing...

I should have taken a video of Duke saying he "mustache you a question" with this absurd british accent.  It was hilarious.  He cracks me up!

Sunday, April 17, 2016


 The boys couldn't agree on what to do, so I got to spend a little time with each of them individually.  Duke wanted to go to the library and walk around the duck lake.  Kincaid wanted to hunt for frogman (we didn't find him, but it was a lovely walk).
I also got the boys' Spring pictures from school.  I wasn't going to buy them as we got some from the start of school, but they look so darn cute don't they?  Nam is still in the throes of a bad cold, I have one and now both of the boys are getting sick too.  Urg.  

Saturday, April 16, 2016


 Two moose walked down the creek.  (not the start of a joke..)  The one in the back had small antlers growing, but the one in front was much smaller.  Maybe a yearling and a 2 year old hanging out together?
 Here is Sal (about 16 years old and ready for her walk!)
 We went on a hike with friends on Saturday.  It was beautiful outside!
 We hiked towards Girdwood from Rainbow.
It was windy, so lots of waves in the inlet.  It was so green at the base of the mountains, but it didn't pick up in the picture.  Good times nonetheless!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016


We brought the bikes out for the first ride of Spring!  It the boys a while to remember how to ride a bike (i.e., brake and steer), but they got it going and we took a little ride.  I now have to ride a bike as I couldn't keep up with them running anymore!

Sunday, April 3, 2016


 We tried to see if the wood frogs had come out of hibernation, but they had not.  We did almost walk into a moose though!  They are HUGE, but blend in so perfectly to the brush right now.
 We went to the Sportsman Show and we all shot bow and arrows.  Duke and Kin aimed at Deer and I choose a cobra (better for the animal lover in me).  It was fun - we all hit the target, but none of us popped the balloons.
Kincaid then helped change over my winter tires to summer ones.  He was quite good.  If your tires are on rims, he will change them for $5.00 a tire. Let me know for scheduling : ).

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