Friday, July 3, 2015

Our Thursday

 Our exciting day started with some cross stitching....
 A trip to the library....
And viewing of cooking shows!

Thursday, July 2, 2015


We spent the afternoon working on our float for the Chugiak 4th of July Float.  We are going with a fishing theme and using the boat. 

 Just a little sneak peak at the float... 

We were trying to think of a catchy theme, but finally decided on one that was short to paint!
And a little picture of Kincaid practicing on the rings. 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


We spent a really rainy day in Whittier.  The boys and I joined Nam's hiking group for a hike to Emerald cove.  I had the kids all jazzed about it saying it was Pirate Emerald's Secret Cove. Alas, the river we had to cross was gushing and we just hiked up a steep, little mud covered slope to a water fall.  It was a pretty one. The boys were troopers and were quite happy with the Fish and Chips we had for lunch before heading back to a sunny Anchorage!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Our Monday

We spent some time (really, lots of time) at Campbell Creek hunting for baby salmon (Fry).  The kids caught hundreds and were entertained for hours.  They caught them, did some studying and then did some releasing.  It was a great afternoon!

Monday, June 29, 2015

My weekend

 I took a hike to the ballfield this weekend.  It is a huge open area way up in the mountains.  I love it up there.  I was going to hike a peak, but it was WINDY and spitting a little rain. I thought it would be safer to stay off the ridge line.  I did find this nice little flower as I sat down for lunch.
 I also found a big patch of cotton.  I love how white it is!
 This is a shot of Anchorage from the ball field.  Even though they are putting out the fires around the state, it looked rather smoky from up above.
Our Friday group met up at Arctic Valley.  It was raining and we didn't make it past the pond right off the parking lot.  The kids had fun pretend fishing until Duke got too cold and we headed down the mountain.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Our Thursday

We took a little bike ride this afternoon and they wanted to take a 'biker gang selfie'.  Yes, those were their words.  They said they wanted to look tough - I don't think they hit the mark!  Kincaid is getting super fast and Duke only crashed twice (that is pretty good for him).  He and I did do a little off roading - we went on a dirt path and he didn't crash on that part!  One crash was into Kincaid as he wasn't looking where he was going and the second he was thrashing his head from side to side to get at an itch and fell. 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

our wednesday

 Busy day and up way too late!  Here the boys are at a playground - they came down together and it amused me greatly. 
 Then, we took out Bop's new remote controlled boat that can fish (catches up to 2 pounds I guess, nothing caught this trip again).  It was a hot day and we had a 6.2 earthquake.  It felt strange on the dock - new sensation for me.
 Lastly, we went to the Chinook's baseball game.  You can see that Bop found a nice spot to watch it.  In the field behind us, they were doing some attack dog training.  Seriously!  You can see that the dog got the huge thing that was on the guy's arm - happy dog. 

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