Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Catching Up!

 The boys helped in the annual clean up day for the school.  We gathered 206 of the small liquor bottles - seriously people that is insane!
They also created a new record - 6 baskets delivered without being spotted.  They did a lot of crawling on the grass and hiding behind trees.

 They have started to watch a children's prank show and are always doing pranks on me now like the one above.  At least they aren't too sophisticated yet!
Then, Nam and I did the Bike for Women.  I was so proud of Nam!  That course is just hills - no flat at all.  I did get going 31 mph on one hill, but nearly didn't make it up when I came back.


Anonymous said...

What an amazing mother you have!!! Love the smiling faces! Wish I lived closer - Miss you all!!

Anonymous said...

You two rock !!! How blessed it is to have you so close!! oxoxo to both of you!!

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