Thursday, August 21, 2008

I am thinking of knitting myself a cardigan for the Fall. I can't find one that I love enough to force myself to actually knit sleeves though. I was just browsing through Ravelry and found these options. I am leaning towards the last one - Yoga hoodie from Valley Yarns. I also might make another Wicked and steek the sucker, but I don't know. It isn't like I am awash in time to start knitting it anyways. Today, we head out to the midwife for my 2 week appointment. Then, I am going to try and go grocery shopping. I just have visions of having a full cart and then he starts to scream or have a leaking diaper. I guess that either situation wouldn't be the end of the world or even out of the ordinary at Walmart!


Anonymous said...


Kincaid is much too well-mannered to create a scene at Walmart. And if he does you'll understand why one often comes across full, abandoned shopping carts.

Good luck . . . and let us know how it goes.


Anonymous said...

I am so glad to see the sleeping Babe picture - I look forward to his " picture of the day". Had to laugh at your the comments by Mom!! Anyone that has gone through that stage will understand and others will never - so just go for it!! tga

lanikeller said...

Wooo-hoo. Big day for the babe. Appointment *and* shopping. We can't wait to hear the update.


Anonymous said...

I hope you survived all your big adventures. As I recall after the spitting, pooping, and peeing incident he slept soundly through his last apt and Walmart day . . .

Lara said...

I bet it all went fine, huh? Mothers develop great problem solving skills.

I'm planning to knit Bristow. I've had the pattern printed out and tucked in the bag with the yarn for a while now. :p It's just waiting patiently to be chosen as the next project.

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