Thursday, August 14, 2008

I really don't have anything exciting to post as it was my first "most of the day" alone with the babe as I dropped my older sister off at the airport this afternoon. I actually put him in the swing a few times so I could grab some food or do something silly like go to the bathroom. I also put him in the cabinbaby sling so I could put the sprinkler on the lawn. I will take him to the child vet (pediatrician) tomorrow and I will put him in the sling again I think. So, yet another picture of the babe will have to suffice in lieu of new news. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Animal hands . . . I miss that lil' babe sooooo much. I just want to kiss his scrunched up head.

Marnice said...

I love the babe pictures - keep them coming - it is an added bonus when you are in them, too. I bet you are both missing "K" and her loving care. tga

Anonymous said...


I know you'll manage just fine, but I would have loved to hold him while you set up the sprinkler.


Lara said...

Love the baby pictures. :) He's so cute, and he's already less squinchy. They fill out so fast.

Sounds like you're settling in great. Keep it up. :)

Anonymous said...

Child vet - I love it!

Bilbo, Gabbie, & Cooper

PS: Woof's to Parker & Sahale!

Anonymous said...

Child VET - so that's what I have become . . . . Dad

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