Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Even though it was a holiday, I did post yesterday, so go take a gander below.  Babe had a great time at the BBQ and was passed around from relative to relative.  Again, the pictures are from the little sister.  Babe enjoyed spending time with his great grandfather especially.  I enjoyed his new fleece coat that I discovered had ears!  He also wore a hat that I knit him as it was a bit chilly outside.  What a fantastic day!


Anonymous said...

To quote Seth "He sure is a cute little guy" So glad you were there. Love the picture of Kelly and GREAT grandson. tga Glad Kory got her Huck fix!!

Anonymous said...

What a BBQ babe!

Anonymous said...

The HUCKSTER was the hit of the party -- moose took second place (although that was in a tie with Connie's Fresh apple cobbler) . . . . dad

Anonymous said...

Hey Lia,

So you did decide to head up to Alaska, you are so adventurous :-) I have my c-section on Monday but if you get back before then give me a call and we can go out for lunch or something. Enjoy and say hi to everyone for us!


Allison said...

Your grandpa looks like my kinda people with his bolo tie and plastic toothpick. ;)

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