Friday, September 26, 2008

I have been knitting lately! I cast on with some Panda Silk and ripped a few times before settling on a pattern I enjoyed and looked nice. The pattern is charade and is a 2 row repeat that is so easy and looks pleasing. I can put it down and pick it up as needed or demanded by the babe as well. I am doing them 2 at a time and am going to do the old no pick up heel gusset as well.
As I often knit while watching television or movies, I need some new ideas for my list. I love netflix! I just watched and loved Waitress thanks to my mother's suggestion and also Once from the little sister. What would you recommend? I tend to gravitate towards movies with happy endings - no tear jerkers for me.


Anonymous said...

Love the blue color. Thanks for the tips on good movies to watch. We watched Rain Man again - enjoyed it tool. tga

Anonymous said...

I've done those socks, they're great. Just watched some good netflix, let me remember the name and I'll let you know. Very exciting, no tears.

Lara said...

I like Waitress, too. Have you seen Millions? I think you would like it.

lanikeller said...

I just bought my tix for x-mas!!


Gwen said...

I'm with you on the happy endings.

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