Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Babe had his 2 month check in with the pediatrician. I sort of chose the doc randomly (partly due to his location and partly due to his name) and he is wonderful. His demeanor reminds me of my father (that is a very good thing) - he makes jokes, listens to me and is kind to the babe. Babe does tend to be a bit melodramatic at the office and the doc wrote "Healthy (loud!) infant" in his chart.
Babe was loud again when he got his three shots (also rotovirus in a liquid) and his little bottom lip even curled under. He officially weighed in at 13.11 (95%) and was 24 inches long (90%) and was dubbed a "tank" by his doc. I am taking this as an endearing term. No problems to report and babe will go back in 2 months for another round of shots. The picture is of him sleeping off the drama.


lanikeller said...

Heavy Duty Huck-a-rooni!

Anonymous said...

He is a brave young man to go through so much in such a short time. tga Love the picture -

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the larger pic. Maybe not quite so large next time, so I can see the whole thing without scrolling. I know, your followers can be so demanding!

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