Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Since birth, babe has used the signal of eating his hands to convey that he was hungry. It starts out a gentle sucking and then turns into furiously munching his little hands like cobs of corn. I am thankful that I can almost always tell when he is hungry. But, he just starting sucking on his thumbs or fingers for soothing purposes. His aunt taught him to "soothe" right after he was born, but apparently it is sinking in just now.

He will do his tummy time or sit on his changing table with a hand in mouth gurgling and kicking his legs. I think that he is right handed as he can easy maneuver his right thumb to his mouth, but often uses his right hand to guide his left one in if he is having trouble. It is really amusing to watch him trying to get coordination of his limbs.

Sorry to all blog readers sick of babe stuff, but I am sure it will continue. I will try my best to intersperse other things happening as I do have a few other things going on, not just babe (but mostly babe - how could your life not revolve around these critters?)


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad all that early patterning to "soothe" sunk in. Ah, the things I will teach him. Looking at tickets should I come the weekend of the 23rd or Halloween?

lanikeller said...


Anonymous said...

Has Huck found the two middle fingers like you used? AND the little finger stuck in the corner fold of the satin blankee? dad

Anonymous said...

I'm coming, I'm coming over Halloween weekend. What is Huck going to dress up as?


Allison said...

No need to apologize for blogging about your infant. Your world definitely revolves around him now. That's why you quit your job, right? So blogging about your baby is blogging about you now because he is what you do.

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