Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Babe has been a great nurser from the start. He chews on his hands to let me know when he is hungry. I nurse him whenever he needs a meal or just a little snack even if I am out and about.
Yesterday, I spent time making a website to help occupy my stay at home mom time. I used homestead and registered my domain name, but apparently it might take some time for it to be up and running. So, the current way to the site is http://nursinginpublic.homestead.com/ but soon it will just be www.nursinginpublic.com.
I am asking for help from my loyal blog readers in the following areas:
1. NIP picks: places that you have enjoyed nursing or that has wonderful nursing areas
2. NIP reviews: reviews of NIP related products
3. NIP tips: tips you have found useful for NIP
4. stories: Do you have a story about NIP - the good, the bad and the ugly are accepted!


Anonymous said...

I love the color and circles of your new site. I hope it does well! Can't wait to see that Huckster again soon . . . just a matter of days.

Anonymous said...

THE BEST nursing bras (& tanks) around are from Bravado - have you heard of them? I have a few and the high cost is really worth it. They feel great! Looking forward to seeing your new website!

Susan :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry I can't be of help with your new site - but will check it out and pass it on to others. tga

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