Wednesday, December 3, 2008

When helmet head is actually a good thing!

Babe's hat is great, but it doesn't seem to stay on his head. I got it into my brain to put ear flaps on, but they didn't look right. I opted for a chin strap of sorts and it looks a lot like a helmet. His chin sort of morphs into his neck, so I don't know how well it work though! His dad says he looks like a Mongol warrior.

I made a long strap by casting on for the length and then attached it so I can take it off as babe's head grows. I had to steek a buttonhole as I didn't plan ahead very well. I picked up and knitted a tiny flap for the button. Voila - helmet head from the top down!


Anonymous said...

He really needs a stronger jawline . . . perhaps it will come with age. Now he kinda looks like Gabby who's collar never is on her neck.

Anonymous said...

What a great picture - and he looks proud to wear a hat made with love by his mother- tga

Anonymous said...

good picture - I don't understand the knitting stuff . . . dad

BreeAnn said...

Awww he looks so cute!

lanikeller said...

Very nice. I agree that he looks like some kind of warrior. I swear he is getting cuter and cuter!!


Allison said...

it's the cutest helmet i've ever seen!

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