Thursday, January 15, 2009

Huck has been quite the social guy lately. First, he visited his 1 month old friend Zach. As you can tell, Huck has a few pounds on that little guy. It didn't stop Huck from grabbing his hand while he was crying to comfort him. Next, he spent some time with Ethan (2 years old) and Sienna / Brendan (twins exactly 1 month younger than Huck). Huck seems to enjoy other kids. He grabs for their hands, laughs at them and even plays under a toy quite cooperatively. I hope it continues and we can have many great play dates ahead of us!


Anonymous said...

Great pictures and what fun. Huck the social butterfly he will make a great friend. tga

Anonymous said...

M-m-m, I wonder how he will feel about being alone? Perhaps he'll be more like Lani than like you or me.


Lara said...

That is so cute. Look at all those bald heads lined up.

He's already showing concern for other people, what a sweetie.

lanikeller said...

Those pics are so cute. I love that he is a social beast :)

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