Monday, January 26, 2009

I started reading a book a day (that is the goal) to babe. He really has become quite the reader with trying to turn the pages and babbling along with my reading. My cousin gave him his own well used and loved copy of "brown bear brown bear" for Christmas and that is by far his favorite! Huck also enjoys "polar bear, polar bear" and "goodnight moon". He is a rolling fool these days - it takes a few seconds to get across the living room floor. He just rolls and rolls, but sometimes gets stuck between the legs of the table. What a silly boy!


Anonymous said...


If a person can read and roll, it's all good! Huck is a genius.


Anonymous said...

What a great picture - I always miss your blog on the weekends. Listen to Grandma - Huck is a genius! And so good looking, too. tga

lanikeller said...

I think that I have that book memorized...brown bear brown bear what do YOU see?!?

Aunt Coleen said...

"Read and Roll" comes "Rock and Roll" (when he discovers music). I thoroughly enjoy your blog.

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