Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Here are some more pictures of the fun I had in Portland with my aunts and grandma. We went to Trader Joes - it is wonderful and I even got to taste the dried strawberries and mangos (which I really enjoyed). I also found that I really like bagels, but they get really gooey after I gum them for a while. I had my first trip to IKEA and it was as wonderful as my mother had said. I walked through a tunnel with streamers that looked tastey to eat. I also had fun playing "getting ready" with my grandma where she would hide under a blanket with me as I kicked my legs and laughed.

-I am giving mom another day off as her cold isn't better yet, love Huck.


Anonymous said...


Huck does a darn good job as a replacement blogger! Hope you feel better today.


lanikeller said...

I hope that you feel better today!! I am starting to get my pics onto my computer right now.


Anonymous said...

Quite the prose for someone so young.

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