Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The husband got Huck laughing in a super high pitch last night. I think that dogs in the entire county were howling - it was almost like a dog whistle at one point. He has entered a new phase of spitting or blowing raspberries. It was cute for the first five minutes. His shirt is wet in about 2 seconds from putting it on and then my shirt is wet soon thereafter. Silly boy.


Anonymous said...


I could hardly wait to wake up and hear Huck laugh. It was worth the wait.


Anonymous said...

The Laughing Huck had me laughing out loud!! A great way to start the day!! tga

Anonymous said...

What cute boys you have! Though 1 needs a haircut and 1 needs more hair.

lanikeller said...

Cutie patoootie!

Allison said...

The husband! He lives!

Drool bibs. Bumkins are the greatest bibs on Earth.

So how's Hucky doing on his weekly assignments from Slow & Steady? ;)

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