Friday, February 27, 2009

I ate a very late lunch and decided that since the husband was working late I would make a wonderful dinner for myself. I brought out the big pan for cooking pasta, put some olive oil in and then tossed in some handfuls of popcorn kernels! Yep, it was popcorn for dinner and it was fantastic. Huck watched in horror from his highchair at this unhealthy dinner. I thoroughly enjoyed myself! Have a great weekend everyone!


Anonymous said...

We often do the same and are still kickin' so guess it won't hurt you either. Have a great weekend - we are heading to the Island Sunday - tga

Anonymous said...

Popcorn's one of my favorite dinners, too; it must be genetic.


Anonymous said...

Sounds good for din-din. Looks like you got a high chair for the Huckers!

lanikeller said...

YUM...I love popcorn for dinner. Likewise while I went to the movie MILK last night, Topher had cereal for dinner.


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