Monday, March 16, 2009

I had a nice and relaxing weekend, but nothing warranting a blog post. I don't even think that I took a single picture - that is craziness. I did make some good black bean soup - no recipe, just from my own brain. I also made some brownies in a moment of desperation - I ended up having the exact amount of cocoa powder needed, fate. I went to the Baby Fair and signed up for a million zillion door prizes - keep your fingers crossed, there were lots of good things. Other than that - I watched the Bucket List (all right) and Traitor (pretty good). So, I hope you got some relaxation in as well and hopefully there shall be some excitement during the week to keep my loyal readers entertained! (some oldies but goodies of Huck from the older sister's camera)


Anonymous said...

Black bean soup is one of my favorites . . . and so are the pictures of your beautiful baby!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great way to spend the week end. Love the "baby" pictures. He is such a big guy now. tga

Anonymous said...

I just put all my Huck pics on my itouch. Ahhh, reliving the "animal hands" days.

Anonymous said...

I guess neither you or I won the HDTV house giveaway last night - hope you luck at the baby fair is better. . . dad

lanikeller said...

I heart door prizes...and you are the luckiest one in the family!


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