Friday, March 27, 2009

It was a beautiful day so we went to watch papa climb. It was much colder than it appeared (as evidenced by the rosy cheeks). Huck had fun pulling on tree branches and chewing on various climbing gear. It was about 44*, but felt so much colder for some reason (perhaps that lemon berry slushie from sonic?). We warmed up in the car on the way home and slid into jammies just in time for bed-e-bye. What a good afternoon! (Oh, Huck pulled himself up to a sitting position from laying down today!)

*At least we aren't in Kansas anymore where my friends are reporting a blizzard warning of 8-12 inches of snow! Craziness.


Anonymous said...

The ever smiling faces of mother and child warm my heart!! Thanks for your wonderful blog - tga

Anonymous said...

I agree with Huck's aunt. It's a great picture of rosy cheeks and smiles.

We're snowing here, too, . . . and erupting! Life's good in Alaska.


Anonymous said...

Gotta get that picture printed...Auntie is right!


Coleen's Recipes said...

What a PERFECT picture of mommy & son!!!

lanikeller said...

I'm glad that you aren't in Kansas any more too!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had fun!! Won't be long before you and Huck will be climbing too!

Anonymous said...

That hat looks like it is being stretched to the max. You need to get knitting another one. Great pic!

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