Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It was sad waking up with the older sister here and Huck peeked into her room this morning. Alas. Huck got a beautiful space themed quilt from my cousin Kim. I loved how the camera caught his face (no I am not giving the child alcohol to sleep). We went to an Earth Day Celebration on Sunday in the park. Huck mainly enjoyed playing in the dirt.

He also liked chewing on a water droplet stress squeezer thing. We had to quickly move through the booths to see the much anticipated "Procession of the Species". We really didn't have an idea of what it was, but it turned out to be just a parade through the park. Kids were supposed to make a mask and dress as their favorite animal. We only saw a handful of those though there was a belly dancer, strange drumming leader and the Lilac City Roller Girls (the local roller derby team). It was terribly amusing!


Anonymous said...

I can hardly wait until Huck, too, can join the Parade of the Species!


Anonymous said...

So it was!

lanikeller said...

Hilarious...parade of the species!! Sounds like something held in San Francisco!


Anonymous said...

Love the picture and the quilt - I always say that Kim puts a hug in every stitch - her work is amazing. tga

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