Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It was so lovely yesterday. Huck and I took a long walk at the lake with the dogs - who got to stop two times for a soak in the medicinal waters. Parker was a water buffalo and Sal just sat in the water - strange for a dog. We also played outside for most of the afternoon. Thank goodness I bought some baby sun screen the other day.

Here are some pictures from a weekend picnic at a park with our friends. It was a wonderful day. We ate some sandwiches and baby mum mums then swang for quite a while! My friend also gave me some green onion starts that I planted!!


Anonymous said...

Green grass!?! What a novel concept. We haven't seen that for months. There's hope, though, it was still bright sun when I finished my bike training at 8:15 last night.


Anonymous said...

Huck is either a giant or Zach is a midget!

Anonymous said...

What a grand day - Rock Star - park and green onions - a few of my favorite things. tga

Anonymous said...

Babies puncture their palates jamming straws in mouth (or more commonly falling on them .. . I seldom see him without something in the mouth! dad

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