Friday, April 17, 2009

We went out to dinner and got back so late! It was almost 9:00 - that is crazy late in me and babe time. This is a short blog, but a funny video to tide you over for the week. It is babe in the bath - he loves the bath almost more than swinging or standing. I have to add more hot water sometimes so he doesn't freeze!!! Have a great weekend and there shall be pictures of adventures on Monday for sure as the weather should be beautiful!


Anonymous said...


Oh, no! Is he saying, "Da-da-da-da"? That's just not right since I've spent so much time skyping "Ma-ma-ma."

Anyway, he looks good in the buff.


Anonymous said...

I thought someone had censored the movie as it was blacked out!! But tried again and saw the brown eye boy. tga

lanikeller said...

He is sure a talker these days!

Coleen's Recipes said...

How adorable! I just love his little voice.

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