Friday, May 22, 2009

While Huck is adjusting quite nicely to living in Alaska, we have had a few dog related issues. Parker snapped at Gabby and started a little squabble two times thus far - once over a ball that had a bone inside and another time Parker apparently was protecting the salmon on the grill (in her defence, it was super tasty and I would protect it as well if I didn't get to eat my fill).

On the bright side, they have been walking at the dog park quite well. Sahale runs and runs and runs and always comes back (thus far). Parker is kept on a leash and hasn't tried to run away from the other dogs. They are all SO tired when we got back - I am using the Dog Whisperer's mantra of "exercise, discipline, affection" and thinking that walking them as a pack will help the situation a bit. Gabby doesn't seem too upset about the situation and Parker even gave her a wide berth after one of the "issues". I walked with Huck on my back and could feel it in my calf muscles! Woo Woo.


Knit and Fit said...

"exercise, discipline, affection" also works for children.

Coleen's Recipes said...

It sounds like you & yours are discovering an excellent rhythm.

Sandy said...

Just don't over-do it!!

Anonymous said...

Glad the breathing is getting easier - TGA

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