Thursday, June 11, 2009

It was a scorcher here today! It is about 8 pm and 71 right now. Just beautiful, but the bugs were still killer on our walk. My father tried out the "dryer sheet method" and felt it worked pretty well to keep them at bay. I used it on Parker and they still were rather thick on her back. I used the aloe bug spray, but am quite sticky. My mom found a "recipe" using witch hazel, cider vinegar and citronella essential oil. that we might try. Anyone else have any interesting and great methods for keeping those darn 'skeeters away?

Babe got a little toasty and went shirtless for quite a while before bed! I love saying, Neked Baby!


Anonymous said...

Ask your Mom what our Dad used on us - and it worked!! I am glad the weather is so nice. tga

Anonymous said...

Durn skeeters!

twist said...

Around here, people have been talking up Listerine. Plain-old, original flavor. Put it in a spray bottle. I have not tried it, but have heard a lot about it.

Anonymous said...

I am getting used to DEET? Why change? dad

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