Thursday, July 9, 2009

The other day, we walked a bit on the Coastal Trail to Elderberry Park. It has a beautiful view, but not much equipment for Huck. We did some swinging though - he could swing all day! I also went to the playgroup again. It meets every Tuesday and I try to go for some socialization. There are some very nice ladies and Huck seems to enjoy playing with the other kids. I walked there and arrived early (surprise, surprise) so we played in the grass a bit. I love this new Surf Dude outfit from my mother and snapped a picture of him playing in the grass. Such a good boy and so tolerant of these impromptu photo shoots.


Anonymous said...

He must realize how important the pictures are to us that are so far away. Thanks - tga

Anonymous said...

Jon commented this morning that he was really growing up.

Sandy said...

My gosh Lia, you haven't been gone that long, but he looks so grown up!!!

PS- we need to see more picts of you (and that precious baby bump!)
much love

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