Monday, July 13, 2009

We were quite busy this weekend, but it doesn't seem like anything is blog worthy. I got my Alaska Driver's License after passing the written test, we took Huck to the park in his wagon, my dad returned from Kasilof with 10 fish to clean and bag, I made some cookie bars to satisfy my chocolate craving, and we went to the Saturday Market.

I don't have a picture from this event, but here is what happened. We had a squirrel that was tormenting Sahale and my dad put out a trap (humane one that just catches it for a release in a treed area a bit away). We got home and the trap was moved about 7 feet away with a terribly nervous animal inside. There was a terribly excited animal outside (Sahale) that apparently had been harrassing him for quite a while as her nose was rubbed raw and she was panting uncontrollably. The squirrel was fine (except for a little cut on his foot from the cage) and was released as part of the Keller Squirrel Relocation Program. He hasn't returned yet and hopefully will get the word out about the evil dog here!


Anonymous said...

Ah, the long running squirrel/dog saga.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you had a very busy but fun week end. Todays picture is great. Have a good day tga

BreeAnn said...

congratulations on getting your AKDL!

Sandy said...

I love the squirrel relocation program. Rocky & Bowinkle would be proud. :)

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