Thursday, August 6, 2009

I am so exhausted! I helped my dad assemble two dressers for my closet - with 2 babes, I thought I might need some extra storage space. The directions didn't have any words, but we muddled through and only had to remove and replace one piece. I thought that was pretty good. Huck was a bit of a pain again, but I think he just really wanted to help (by eating screws and hiding dowels). Poor fella - he didn't take an evening nap, just too much excitement. He finally fell asleep a bit before eight and I hope he sleeps better tonight. He has been drooling a bit more (think bloodhound) and so perhaps his increase in devilish behavior is due to teeth on the way. It makes me feel better to think it is teeth rather than a personality feature!!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like IKEA products - no writing just pictures. I said that Swede and I put IKEA stuff together and we are still married! The dresser looks very nice. Huck is blessed to have such a wonderful mother. Crankiness sounds like teeth to me. Take care - tga

Anonymous said...

He sure doesn't look devlish in the slightest.

Anonymous said...

I vouch for the cranky part! He is getting very close to walking, though. He reaches back and grabs my hand just to make sure he doesn't totter.


Knit and Fit said...

what a sweet little babe. I love how they look when they are asleep. I still sneak into the kid's rooms and watch them sleep.

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