Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Here is Huck's new favorite book. He loves to have it read to him and he will also sit and flip through the pages himself. The colors are bright and story very nice (he loves mom fish the best of all fishes). I highly recommend it to any child with a fish obsession like Huck.

To any adult with a sweet tooth, I highly recommend the Fire Island Bakeshop downtown Anchorage. A woman my mom taught with owns it and they make some splendid treats. I just finished the last chocolate chip cookie (sorry mom)! So good.

My goodness it is September 1st - can you believe it?


Anonymous said...

Ron looks like the Fish professor, but then maybe he is!

Your mom

Anonymous said...

Great pictures - looks like Huck is on good/great hands. He is loved by so many. The book sounds perfect for a fisherman like Huck! tga

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