Tuesday, September 22, 2009

There was termination dust (snow) on the mountains this morning and it looked so beautiful. I always think it looks like someone sprinkled powdered sugar on their tops. I guess it could melt off in the next week though, but for now it is just gorgeous! My mom started a fire last night and we taught Huck the word, "hot". He really doesn't understand the concept of fire - hot - burn - pain, but I think it usually takes a while. I pushed the bench in front of it to give another foot or so. I might have to invest in a grate to put in front so we have no burns.


Anonymous said...

It's a good thing my horrified face doesn't show in the picture. I built the fire and was excited that Huck loved it, but didn't believe he'd want to touch it. His mom definitely knows best.

Your mom

Anonymous said...

I'm sure he doesn't want to touch it and is just warming his hands from a distance.

Anonymous said...

Termination dust on the mountains and the fireplace going - sounds like winter is on its way. Which will be another Huck adventure! tga

lanikeller said...

You need to point to a model and then also say HOT...just to confuse the poor kid!

Anonymous said...

I wish we had some of that wonderful dust! Ha! It is so humid here in Ohio...arg.

Huck is getting so big - what a cutie too!

Lia, I need to email you and catch up! Can't believe another lil guy will be here in a couple months!

Susan :)

Sandy said...

if you figure out a way to keep him away from it, pass it on! Zak is already too interested in the wood stove and it hasn't been used for a while!

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