Tuesday, March 20, 2012


More Hawaii pictures as I have the cold now.  At least I didn't get the tossing of cookies both of my boys had.  Not much sadder than a 3 year old throwing up, except a 2 year old throwing up, or maybe the not yet one year old that threw up on the airplane to Hawaii....

We did feed Bex solid food.

Kincaid a bit chilly after a swim.

The Banyan Tree.

A great Koi pond in Lahaina.

Wind Surfers in Hookipa (guessing, near the town of Paia)

Kincaid and Duke hiking through the "Mangrove forest" (a little green area near the surfers).


Anonymous said...

What wonderful pictures of your "sun break". So sorry everyone was sick!! tag

Coleens Recipes said...

Your boys are SO blessed to have such generous grandparents!!

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