Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Ice Lake

Lest you think it is all sunshine and heat up here.  It is sunshine and feels an awful lot like spring.  We have made the official change over to rain gear.  I do keep the winter coats up for fishing though.

They made a game all by themselves.  It is called, "foot fishing" where they kick ice chunks up onto the snow.  They did this for quite some time before trying it with their hands.  They quickly decided this method was a bit too chilly though.

You can see how large of lake they have for foot fishing.  Quite a mess with all the drains frozen and clogged with snow. Such a wonderful mess!

There are also large mountains of snow around as well.  Look how small Kincaid looks at the top of this one!  Whew, what a wonderful lake this will make!


Anonymous said...

It's great to see the upside to spring breakup!

Your mom

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures of what looks like an early and lovely spring! tag

Anonymous said...

Foot fishing . . . a possibility given how good Huckster was at hand fishing in HI!

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