Tuesday, May 29, 2012

First Pool Party of the Summer

It was Memorial Day so we brought out the pool for the start of summer.  I did fill it up with water from the hot tub as it wasn't quite 60 outside.  (I did fill the tub back up Bop).  The kids played out there for a long time splashing, fishing and then tossing water out with the buckets. 

They both loved tossing the water.  It was pretty fun to watch. 

Duke did get a bit tired though from all the swimming.  It always tires me out too.  It also makes me hungry.  Duke ate 1/2 a braut and then 1/2 another hot dog.  A few hours later he ate lots of hamburger and onions.  I should start stocking up on pants as I feel a growth spurt coming...

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Anonymous said...

It looks much warmer than it was! They had a wonderful time, though, no matter the weather.

Your mom

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