Friday, November 22, 2013


 It was 2 degrees and we set out for a hike around Cheney Lake.  Everyone was happy for a bit.  A short bit.
 Soon, Duke started whining that his feet hurt.  As I ran him back to the car, I heard other children starting to cry as well.  Apparently, the single digits are too cold for you to sit in a sled refusing to walk.
He regained his sunny disposition after a while of sitting in the car with his feet on the heat vent.  He also came back and took a one hour nap.  I am hoping this was just because the cold took it out of him and not a foreshadowing of yet another bout of sickness to come!


Anonymous said...

Yep, the single digits are cold, but Duke didn't have to face the Fairbanks below-zero weather that Kory encountered. It's all good today, though.

Your mom

Anonymous said...

BRRRRRR! Cold feet - not fun. Love the pictures as always!! xoxo tga

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