Friday, December 13, 2013


The boys are watching Frosty again tonight and followed it with a Curious George Halloween Special. They like holidays - any and all of them apparently.  Kincaid has his first field trip today - a play of the Ugly Duckling.  Duke is sad he doesn't get to go.  He doesn't know it yet, but our Friday group is going to see it too!  (not at the same time as Kincaid though).  I am excited to show up there and have him suprised!

I took this picture the other night.  So sweet and peaceful as they sleep!  There is no talking and no running, most of the time.  It was pitch black, except for the small night light named "ick" (long story). 


Anonymous said...

I love the one of the two boys in the chair. They get along so well in that chair.

Your mom

Anonymous said...

Love your posts - the pictures tell the story!! tga

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