Thursday, December 5, 2013

Random Wednesday

 Nothing exciting to report, so just some random photos from the last few days.  More Ninja Turtle action.
 The cold weather left beautiful ice crystals all over the snow hill.
 Kincaid on the way to school.  The headlamp is critical as it is dark when we head out on the road.  He also likes to use it to find the fish in the river.  They are still there!
 Duke at skedaddle on Tuesday - pretty chilly!
 He got a bit happier in the car!


Anonymous said...

Yikes! It looks like we live in a cold place--one that is protected by Ninjas, though.

Your mom

Anonymous said...

BRRRR! It looks so darn cold. One thing I didn't like about winter is kids going to school and coming home both in the dark.
As always love your pictures and posts! tga

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