Monday, December 30, 2013

weekend recap

 Just a quick recap of Friday and the weekend.  It was chilly, but we went to our Friday group.  I think it was zero and felt really cold, but pretty!
 The snow was quite deep as Kincaid and Duke taught us survival.  We went down a hill and Duke taught us how to signal for a plane and Kincaid scavenged a piece of plastic because it 'could be useful'.

 Not much else too exciting on the weekend.  Kincaid really just wants to 'stay at home' for some reason.
He did play with Kory's circuitry set though.  Oh, he also went to a bowling party and won one of the games.  He got 104 - yes, he had bumpers and a thing you roll the ball down, but he did great.

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Anonymous said...

The outside pictures look oh so very cold - on the upside but beautiful! As always thanks! tga xoxox

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