Friday, January 24, 2014

h i

 I have no trouble getting the kids out when it is below zero or even pouring rain in the summer.  I do have issues with this rainy, slippery mess outside right now.  It is so hard to walk!  It is good for making snowmen, little snowmen.  Duke and I headed to the Museum to avoid the wet slop.  I am trying to just take it as it comes, but it is hard to be happy in winter with this weather!


Anonymous said...

Yes, I'd rather have 30 below rather than 40 above. It's unnatural (but the little snowman is very cute).

Your mom

Anonymous said...

You r lucky ur not in our , we r freezing our tootsies off .3 degrees anto clderd it is only going to get colder with the wind chill. We've had sloppy slush also. Our schools r closed Oh for summer Love GG

Anonymous said...

Hang in there - this weather shall change too! xoxo tga

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