Monday, January 6, 2014

Weekend Update

 We went to Zoo Lights this year.  It was really quite fun.  The kids loved running around the zoo in the dark and I loved the lighted elements.  We got to see a tiny raptor in the clinic, but most of the animals seemed to be sleeping.

 We also did some more ice fishing.  I think that we brought home 5 fish, but we need more.  The kids each ate 2 and Nam was a bit hungry with only one...  Or maybe just catch larger fish?
 They were so hungry that we even caught one on a rubbery fish looking lure.  Bop got the prize for catching the smallest fish - Duke wanted to use it for bait.
Kincaid is learning to clean the fish and cook them.  I hope he gets the hang of it soon!


Anonymous said...

Hey, I only got half a fish, but it was worth it to see the boys gobble their catch. If only they could fish for broccoli . . . .

Your mom

Anonymous said...

Too funny Trudy. The decoration at the Zoo looked amazing. The fishing looked wonderful. Life looks good! tga xox

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