Monday, January 13, 2014


 These pictures are from our Friday group/.  The children built a snowman or snow blob as the snow didn't have a speck of moisture.  It was hilarious to see them make the face and then have the head roll off.  They would rearrange the eyes and nose yet again.

I tried to take pictures of my skate ski with Nam, but the iphone doesn't enjoy the cooler weather apparently.  It was 14 and I was toasty warm skiing, but when I tried to answer a call it went black.  It is fine now, but might ride in a wool sock next time for extra insulation.

Also, we went to the Secret Life of Walter Middy this weekend (the adults that is..).  It was a fantastic  movie.  I loved it from start to finish and would have been happy watching it again!  The only strange part were the previews - there was one for a Jesus of Nazarath movie and then another about Noah and the Ark.  Odd...


Anonymous said...

The snow blob has a weirdly expressive face. I often feel the same way s/he looks.

Your mom

Anonymous said...

Too funny - Trudy's post that is. Look like a good day in the snow. tga

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