Wednesday, February 12, 2014


It was -1, but we played outside for over an hour.  I did put warmers in his mittens and boots.  I was surprised he last that long as he typically gets cold rather quickly.  We did some sledding and some fish patrol.  That game consisted of him driving the 'boat', putting it in park (by pushing a button and saying, park park park).  We then looked around the 'boat' to see what Monster Fish were in the Little Su or the Kahli river (in India).  Such an imagination on that boy!
The cold weather does make for some beautiful blue bird skies.  The sun came up over the mountain and looked so pretty coming through the trees.  So lucky to live in Alaska!


Anonymous said...

Alaska and Duke look beautiful in blue.

Your mom

Anonymous said...

I left a message - it didn't show - and now I can't remember what I said!!! tga

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