Thursday, February 6, 2014


These boys love to be outside and I love that they love to be outside as I love it too.  We spent over an hour outside after school digging and mining.  I ended up shoveling what was dubbed, 'hibernation holes'.  They started out like little seats and they ended up being large enough for them to hide all the way inside.  I had to do something to keep warm!  I also had to do something to make up for kick Duke in the nose and making it bleed (only a tiny bit, but still!).  We were climbing up from the creek and my heel caught him leaning down - ah!  Bad mom moment for sure!

The lack of snow and cold has made some beautiful crystals on the snow.  Duke passes the time waiting for Kincaid to come out eating the snow (much to the dismay of many of the other parents).   


Anonymous said...

Hibernation sounds good to me!

Trudy Keller

Anonymous said...

How lucky you all are! Time well spent. tga

Dental work done and back home. It is so good to be here! tga

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