Monday, February 24, 2014

Rondy Weekend of Fun

Our group had a tailgate party for the Rondy Dog Sled racing!

Bob didn't want to get cold.

I got a workout pulling our friends!

Nam and I dressed as the Rondy Rocketeers with an alien friend for the Frostbite Footrace!

Then, we all watched the parade together!  I didn't get taken into jail.  I instilled a healthy fear of authority in the boys as they were very concerned as I forgot my Rondy button.  Kincaid said the most hilarious thing after seeing the Shetland Pony - that isn't a horse, that is just a dog in disguise!  So funny.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures of a great weekend.

Your mom

Anonymous said...

Great pictures (just saw that your Mom said the same thing - so we MUST be right)! Looks like it was quite cold - but as always you were dressed for the season! Hugs - tga

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