Wednesday, February 26, 2014


It was super sunny today at skedaddle and we stayed for over two hours.  I was cold with numb toes, but Duke wanted to keep playing and who was I to stop him due to my ridiculous lack of circulation.  There were 16 boys and only 3 girls there - odd ratio as when I started skedaddle it was exactly the opposite.
Here is a beautiful picture of Duke smiling.  We had an injury last night that would have sent us straight to the ER if not for our wonderful live-in pediatrician.  He did the doctor things, calmed Duke amazingly and took over when I almost passed out.  He ate ice cream, played before bed and did his reading as usual though.  Tough kid, great grandpa and grandma that helped with older bro during the ordeal.


Anonymous said...

Lia, you were amazing when Duke was hurt. I just cowered in the background. You're supermom.

Your wimpy mom

Anonymous said...

WOW! Sounds pitiful - so glad for the great help - hope all is well now!! xox tga

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