Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Wildlife VIsit

We had a very nice visitor after school.  The boys and I were playing in the snow boat (a quite melted and then frozen super hard snow boat) when I spied this little guy munching next to the church.  He happily ate for about 20 minutes, but then took a fancy to the trees next to our fence.  I quickly herded the boys into the house just in case.  He trimmed our trees for a bit and then saw our frozen pumpkin.  It was funny to watch him scrape at it and then he hit it with his hoof to try and dislodge it from the ice.  Kincaid kept saying how adorable he was.  I had to agree!

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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed being greeted by the pumpkin-eater when I returned home from school yesterday.

Your mom

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