Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Maui Post 2

The morning beach walk to find sea glass and other treasures.
A HUGE ice cream cone - Duke ate his entire order, cone and all.

Just the ocean pools

 I found some flip up shads here and he looked so cool in them paired with my visor.
 We met some people from Alaska (they used to live off of Baxter, small world!).  They were fishing for bone fish.  They also had a stick stuck in the sand with a bit of squid attached by fishing line.  Little sand crabs would bite onto it and they would grab them and use them for bait.
Our evening walk after a HUGE meal.  Yes, they got quite wet on this walk.

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Anonymous said...

The boys already look healthier . . . and I'm sure it's not just the ice cream!

Your mom

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