Thursday, April 10, 2014


 Duke and I went to the Imaginarium today.  He met a girl and they played until she left.  He met another girl and played with his 'girlfriend' for a while.  While they were spinning this tube, it hit his nose and he got a nosebleed.  The girl got scared and ran off.  Duke was only sad that his girlfriend ran away.  He cried on the way to the car because he missed his girlfriend. Oh my.  In the picture above, they are going on a 'water ski' to catch fish.  At least they are aren't fighting.
Here they are crushing ice on the way to school.  They both walked home from school in T-shirts.  Spring weather calls for many clothing options and changes.


Anonymous said...

Great stories and pictures! What lucky boys to have their childhoods recorded in such detail.

Your mom

Anonymous said...

Life in Alaska is good!! What a great place to raise your boys. tga

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