Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday (Finally!!!)

 Our hike was up along Powerline Pass - that is one of my favorite hikes.  It is just a long and straight trail, but so pretty.  Duke rode most of the way and even slept about 15 minutes on the way back. 

 We stopped at the bridge and had a little picnic with friends.  You can tell it was a nice day as Duke only wore a short sleeved shirt.  So nice.

We got home and Duke wanted to go for a bike ride, so off we went.  He LOVES "The Lemon Shark" (his balance bike).  Duke tried to beat Bop home as they both were "on wheels", but he didn't.  Then, the boys went to the Science Fair at Kin's school.  I had a triathlon meeting so had to miss it unfortunately!  The boys said it was great.  Kin's class did a project about camouflage. 


Anonymous said...

You really do take the best pictures in town!

Your mom

Anonymous said...

Yes she does and they tell the story!! Thanks for keeping us up to date on the Happenings!! xoxoo tga

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