Friday, May 23, 2014


 This is Kin on his last morning of Kindergarten.  Time did fly by so darn quickly!

 Bop took Kory for a little ride in the Met. 
 We walked over to get Kin on his last day!
 We brought him congratulations balloons.
His first comment was, "Is this all the party stuff?"  Apparently, he had built up in his head that we would have a big party with games.  We all joined in a round of charades before heading off to Red Robin (his choice).  That seemed to make him feel a little better.  He was quite sad at leaving his teacher.  He really liked her (loved her is more correct).  She was caring, patient, fun, loved fish, and made him feel special.  I couldn't have asked for a better first teacher for the boy.  If she isn't there is 2 years when Duke starts I am in trouble... 

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Anonymous said...

Kincaid really does look mature. It's amazing that he has already "graduated" to first grade. Time flies when we're having fun.

Your mom

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