Tuesday, May 20, 2014


I spent the day doing a bit of recuperating without any amazing adventures.  School for Kin, haircuts and then the triathlon potluck.  The boys were wonderful.  I let them graze on the dessert table happily.  Still a bit dehydrated (not from the race, but for the 13 hours in the sun) and sore arms/back (not from the race, but hauling water).  Big week ahead and Kin has a performance on Tuesday (signing 3 songs with his class), I help with field day on Wednesday and the last day of school is Thursday.  Can you believe he is done with school?  I am super excited for him to be home for the summer!!! 

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Anonymous said...

Two wonderful boys! They are so big now, though. (They hate it when i tell them I'll put books on their heads to keep them from growing so fast.)

Your mom

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