Thursday, June 5, 2014


These are from our camping trip on Sunday and Monday.  It was COLD on our first day.  Fresh snow on the mountains, cold rain and freezing children.  We had mittens, winter coats and hats.  The boys snuggled in the hammock in a sleeping bag happily as I set up our camp.
Our group rented the group camping area and it was fantastic.  There were campsites all around this circular drive (where the kids road bikes), a playground, sand volleyball pit and huge covered shelter (where we pitched our tents as it was pouring rain!).

Our beautiful campsite.  Well, not in the actual campsites, but boy did we stay dry! 

Duke getting hugs from friends.
The kids loved the pump!

 I set up a tightrope (that is what the kids called it) and it entertained the kids for a long time. 
 Kincaid did some entertaining by doing a puppet show. It was hilarious.  If a kid in the audience talked he gave them another chance and then kicked them out.
We also walked to Kenai lake.  So darn pretty.

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Anonymous said...

WOW!!! What a great get away for all! I am sure it is a memory maker!! Great pictures - thanks for sharing!! tga

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