Friday, June 13, 2014


<<A Happy Birthday to my nephew Bex!  Toot Toot!!>>

 The boys wanted to help me make cookies this morning.  I handed out all the ingredients - they created the 'art sculpture' all on their own.
 Later, Nam had a hankering for Yogurt Lounge.  We went along and the boys enjoyed the movie playing more than the yogurt I think.  Silly Boys.

The boys and I walked Sal around the dog park today.  We also stopped by the little library for two new books.  When we got home, I saw a news report that a black bear was spotter near APU.  Good thing I don't go anywhere in the summer without my bear spray.  There are so many animals in town right now - Black bears, gizzlies on Rabbit Creek Road and we counted two mama mooses on the way to yogurt!  Strange...


Anonymous said...

The pictures say it all. Too bad we didn't take any during the after-dinner dance party!

Your mom

Anonymous said...

Looks like a day well spent to me. Such a good life! Miss you all! xoxox

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