Monday, June 23, 2014

Weekend Recap

 Here is a batch of pictures from the summer solstice festival downtown this weekend.  The boys had a blast - we had to drag them away tired and grumpy.
 It started out on a 'high note' (tee hee) with some bungee jumping.  They had such a great time bouncing and bouncing.
 We moved onto the petting zoo and they loved petting the goose and then holding the bunnies. 
 As luck would have it...  we then got to see the puppet show of the Beauty and the Beast from the start.  The boys were entranced for the entire 40 minute show. 
 Kincaid did get a little scared when the beast was mean and roaring loudly. 
 We then ended the evening (quite late) with a concert on the bluff above the train station.  My friends came and our kids all ran wild for hours.  They ran up and down the hill so many times.  They had two opening bands which were pretty good, but the main act, "The Spin Doctors" were too loud and we left just as they played one of the songs I remember, "Little Miss Little Miss Can't be Wrong".  The kids were so exhausted by that time and we were all fine with leaving!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful weekend from start to finish.

Your mom

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful way to end the day! tga

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